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By March 31, 2017Support

WooshBuild 7 Is Here!
openATV 6.1


Zgemma H2S, H2H, H52S, H52TC, H7 (sat at the moment)
Edision OS Mini
Formuler F1 (sat)

BaseBuild Download Link further down.









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  • […] Click here to go to downloads 1. Make a folder on your desktop called "basebuild" and extract the contents of the zip file into this new folder. 2. Format a spare USB stick ("Flash USB Stick") using the Fat32 file system – ideally this USB stick can be kept safe in a drawer should you need to re-flash your box at anytime. 3. Copy the Zgemma folder and it's entire contents from the BaseBuild folder on your desktop to the USB stick. 4. NEW: Copy your line (gift) file, if you have one at this point, also to the USB stick BaseBuild will do what is needed with your line. Providing it is named correctly and is active, Very IMPORTANT: The contents of the usb stick should now contain: A zgemma folder and a line file (if you have one) ———– Inside that is a folder called h3 —————- Inside that folder are 4 or 5 files […]

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