Set up Channel list favourites – EPG – Bouquets

By January 19, 2017Support

Menu > Setup > Service searching > AutoBouquetsmaker > Configure. Setup as in the screenshot below then press green button.

[Image: 1_zpsnbosq30f.jpg]

[Image: 3_zpsydve6vwa.jpg]

Providers. Choose Sky uk and set your area then press green.

[Image: 3_zpsydve6vwa.jpg]

Start scan.

[Image: 4_zpshltp9rjy.jpg]

Bring up the main channel list > press blue button for bouquets list > highlight FTA HD Channels > press menu button then remove entry.

[Image: 5_zpspkjnfmpn.jpg]
[Image: 6_zps60ru28vw.jpg]

Press number 1 button then bring up your channel list..

[Image: 7_zpsnxyti74o.jpg]