Install plugins (IPK Files) with a usb stick

By January 19, 2017General

Okay this is a simple way to install IPK files (normally plugins or skins) onto your satellite box.
As far as i am aware this works with all images, in this tutorial i am using openATV

Take a usb stick and format it on your computer to fat32.
Im not going to explain how to do that, if you dont know how to format a USB stick ask google….. 😮

Then simply copy and paste the required IPK file to your newly formatted usb stick
remove the usb stick safely from you computer when done

With your satellite box tuned ON, plug your usb stick into any free usb port and your satellite box.
you will get a menu come up on screen

[Image: 1_0_19_28A7_68_F020_FFFF0000_0_0_0_zpsgmypo61k.jpg]

Press ok

Press ok again to select your required ipk file

[Image: 1_0_19_28A7_68_F020_FFFF0000_0_0_0%201_zpsi3yc2gtf.jpg]

press green to install

[Image: 1_0_19_28A7_68_F020_FFFF0000_0_0_0%202_zpsncyto1x1.jpg]

When complete exit all menus and reboot your box, the plugin or skin will be under its relevant menu



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