How To Flash a Zgemma Star

By January 20, 2017Support

Flash a Z Gemma Star 2S for using CCcam

Option 1:

1. Download the ZGemma Star 2S image file 81.7 MB or the image file 71.66 MB for the Zgemma Star H2. We rekon to use the option “right mouse click” – save link as….choose your USB stick and save the file. The file is called zgemma or zegmma.rar If the file is located on your hard drive, e.g in your download folder copy the zgemma or zegmma.rar file to your USB stick. Do NOT try to use an USB portable hard drive. It will not work!

2. Open your Windows explorer, choose the USB drive. You should see the file zgemma or zegmma.rar Mark the file, press right mouse and choose “extract here…”

3. Now you should have a new folder on your USB drive “zgemma” You are done….!

4. Go back to the Z Gemma Star setup page and follow all steps


Option 2:

1. Left click on “image file“. 81.7 MB

2. The required “zgemma.rar” file will automatically download to the “downloads” folder on laptop/PC.

3. When download is complete, cut and paste the “zgemma.rar” file from the downloads folder onto the desktop.

4. Right click on the “zgemma.rar” file and left click on the “extract here” option.

5. When extraction is complete there will now also be a folder on the desktop called “zgemma”. The “zgemma” folder contains the Openvix image files required to flash the zgemma star 2s.

6. This folder is 115mb in size. Do not open or alter this folder in any way.

7. Copy/Paste(do not drag & drop) the “zgemma” folder onto a flash drive that has been correctly formatted to fat32 & has no other data on it.

8. Follow the how to zgemma guide.