Best Kodi music add-ons: Five extensions to get the best audio out of Kodi

By March 31, 2017Kodi

Kodi is known for being a great video streamer, but that’s only half the story. Although great for watching your favourite films and TV shows, Kodi also has a range of music and podcasts on offer. From dance mixes to chilled audiobooks, Kodi puts a selection of great audio at your fingertips – all thanks to a range of dedicated add-ons. Want to use Kodi for music, as well as films and shows? Here are the five best Kodi add-ons for music.

Tip: The £34.99 ($39.99) Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best Kodi streaming devices. It’s wireless, cheap and delivers a solid stream – here’s our tutorial for how to install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    1. Mixcloud 
      One of the best sites around for music lovers, Mixcloud is a place where professional and amateur DJs can upload their sets. Whether you like drum and bass, indie or anything in-between, Mixcloud will have hours of mixes for you. And the community element means there’s plenty of ways to discover new music. Thanks to this useful extension, Mixcloud is now available on every device that runs Kodi. Sign up and getting listening!
    2. Apple iTunes Podcasts
      iTunes features the largest, most varied range of podcasts you can find, and this extension brings them all to Kodi. From No Such Thing as a Fish to the second season of Serial, it’s all here. Although you may not need to use this add-on on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, it does mean you can listen to podcasts on your TV – without the need for Apple TV.
    3. Sonos

As you’d expect, Sonos for Kodi lets you control your multi-room system from one of the best streaming programs around. After downloading the extension and connecting it to the existing speaker network, users are able to control the basic functions of their Sonos system – and even receive notifications.

      If you want to expand your horizons and try some different music, your first stop should be The premise is simple: serves up different European stations, and lets you mix and match whenever you want – or randomise the mix. If you’re after some questionable music, or want to brush up on your German, French and Italian, this app is worth a dabble.
    2. Tidal

 If you like your music in hi-res, you’ve probably already got a Tidal account. Featuring exclusive tracks from affiliated artists, as well as all your favourites, Tidal brings hi-res audio to the masses. This extension allows you to enjoy your Tidal account on any device, meaning you’ll be able to play hi-res music on any device with the add-on installed – whether it’s an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast dongle or even a Raspberry Pi 2.