Best Kodi Addons 2017

By January 24, 2017Kodi

Below are a few lists I have created to show the most popular add-ons on my site. These are the pages that are visited the most on the site. I have added a list of video add-ons, non-video add-ons and also a list of recommended add-ons which is a list of add-ons that you might enjoy but just weren’t the most popular pages on my site (it also makes a nice one stop page for new Kodi users to find add-ons they might enjoy).

You will find that a lot of the best Kodi addons are old addons. These add-ons just happen to still be the most popular due to the fact they are reliable and have the content people are looking for. You’ll also find new ones and maybe some you’ve not heard of. I recommend trying them one-by-one: if you don’t like it then uninstall it and try another. Different people like different add-ons and you never know which one may appeal to you.

Best Kodi Addons

Best is subjective. This is more a selection of the most popular on my site

  • Exodus – Always at the top of every list of best film/tv show addons
  • iStream a highly underrated add-on that will allow you to find all the content you want to stream. Try this and you will quickly understand why a lot of people like it
  • Redemption A great all-in-one add-on with plenty of content
  • 4horsemen A very good all-in-one add-on including 3D & 4K
  • Stream Hub A great add-on with content for everyone, also has a XXX section
  • Phoenix An old add-on but still a great one. A great team who put a lot of work into keeping this one of the most best kodi addons available
  • White Cream The best add-on for people who are looking for XXX
  • Sanctuary This add-on has a lot of sections all of which are maintained by different playlisters. You will find everything you need in here
  • SportsDevil The oldest sports addon available. Still as popular as ever and rightfully so.
  • SALTS A great TV show/films add-on
  • Specto A copy of what was the best film add-on ever Genesis
  • 123Movies A great one click add-on
  • 1Channel Great for TV shows & Movies
  • Zem A great sports add-on but also has lots of Indian/Pakistani/Punjabi content too
  • UK Turk Playlists A great add-on regularly iupdated with great content
  • Pro Sport Sports streams for NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB
  • Evolve Another add-on with lots of sections all managed by separate playlisters. Has everything you need.
  • BOB Another add-on with lots of sections all managed by separate playlisters. Has everything you need.
  • cCloud A great IPTV add-on
  • Erotik A bit o’ blue for the dads

Best Non-video Kodi add-ons 2017

Recommended Kodi Addons