Best CCCam Server

By January 22, 2017General

If you are searching for a card sharing service company on web for best service and deal and you may know there is lots of sites some of them claims they are good but it depends on 5 important things:

  1. Number of local cards
  2. Number of ACTIVE cards
  3. Hops or distance
  4. Ping Time
  5. Number of C-lines

1) Number of local cards

However it’s also based on your good network quality and STB model if one of the above items are not good enough you’ll get channel freeze or slow zapping on changing any channel.

for ex: the number of local cards is very important and usually sky and nova cards are local due to a very low ECM time and behavior of card that makes it very hard for viewers to watch their channels like an original card.
you may find this by hops for ex hop 1 is a local card


2)Number of ACTIVE cards

This may confused if you use a plugin like cccam info on your dreambox or linux based STB you may see a very very large died peers but they all shows as active in plugin and your says oh… well this is a great service but after zapping to a channel you’ll get blank screen and yes! ohhh … this server is sucks dude! so based on the server admin they may fool you by this method and only 10 of 200 card in a cline may be alive! or the admin of the server do not update the peers and your STB will get a wide range of lame peers because of ignorance of server admin.


3) Hops or Distance*

In this case the distance of each card called hops and normally there is max hop 2 in good servers

local card —-hope1—–>SKY IT



*Cccam automatically would choose the best type of peers for you depends on server CSF reports and statistics(Server Side) and your local cccam plugin or prio file(Client Side on your STB box)

For ex:If you get sky 3d from line 1 in hope 1 the plugin will not change it to cline2 with hope 2 that is slower one! unless card with caid 09cd(sky it) is offline for some time on the first cline and get back to line one as soon as CSF get the acknowledge that dude the BIGSKY card is ready!


4) Ping Time

Well this means the server response time

If you get the service clines you can ping them in cmd by this way:

ping (only for example)
Pinging [111.222.333.444] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from 111.222.333.444: bytes=32 time=57ms TTL=38

Then you’ll get the response time in m, lower one means you’re near the server (Server may be on any location such as Germany,UK or,….)

And this one is different and related to your home location and with a low ping you’ll get a => better ECM time => decoding sooner so you’ll get no glitch or freeze at all!


5)Number of Clines

Well this one also would be nice for those who are very serious about having every favorite channel in any time for ex if cline1 goes down (because of card update or network downtime) you’ll get your favorite football from cline 2 and so on…


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